EP 1: Get to know the hosts

There are a lot of podcasts out there and a lot of content. We realize this, so our vision in creating the Wellness Essentials Podcast (WE Podcast for short!) was to create a space where women could come as their authentic selves and be a part of a community that supports them in their health journey in all ages and stages of life. We want to provide women with engaging entertainment with actionable steps to take as they face everyday life. No topic is off-limits when it comes to health and women’s lifestyle.


By hearing real, raw conversations and teachings from experts and everyday women who have been in your shoes, we feel you’ll be encouraged to make things happen -- and have the tools to do so!


In this first episode of the Wellness Essentials Podcast, Patty Post, founder and CEO of Checkable Medical introduces the powerful and passionate team behind the WE Podcast and Checkable Medical. Hear the team’s heart and get to know the women you will be hanging out with in the months and years ahead. And find out what to expect in the knowledge-packed episodes to come!


Cheers to living your healthiest and happiest life!