EP 12: Branding: Doing Good and Keeping It Personal

In this episode of the Persevere Podcast, Patty discusses the passion and purpose behind products and brands with Erin Newkirk, the VP, Head of Global Brand Strategy at Caribou Coffee. 


Erin Newkirk is an award-winning innovator with rich leadership in tech, food, retail, consumer packaged goods, and healthcare; spanning start-ups to growth companies to billion-dollar brands. Erin is well-versed in team building, marketing, branding, product/experience management, planning, strategy, writing, and speaking. So, Erin knows a thing or two about passion, purpose, and products that sell on an emotional and physical level. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Knowing the why behind what you are doing
  • Finding a true need and providing a solution that stands the test of time
  • Why what you do inside a company is what you should do outside a company
  • How to set up a life you don’t want to escape from
  • The core foundations of a founder


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Connect with Erin on LinkedIn or via her website


Fun facts about Erin

Favorite Caribou Coffee Drink: Malted Hot Crafted Press

Favorite Book: Dare to Lead by Brene Brown and Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Slogan: Doing good things with good people.