EP 18: Back To Basics: How simple solutions have a big impact

Get to know Hint Water founder, Host of the Kara Golden show and author of the book, Undaunted, which dives into her founder's journey building her business. Kara is a female founder who's gone through it all, including setbacks, innovation, being a mom and running a company. Kara set out to find balance between all of these pillars of life. 


Kara's journey began in 2004 when she was struggling with her own health issues, including acne, low energy and weight gain. She reached a point where she decided to see a doctor, where they discovered the main culprit, diet soda. She realized the problems within the diet industry, and set out on a journey to do something different, and create a product that set out to help people. 


  • Get to know her founder's story
  • Keeping things simple yet impactful
  • How to create a mission to solve a problem that you're passionate about
  • Understand what is possible
  • How to relentlessly pursue something
  • Find the courage to face your fears
  • Embrace stepping stones in life to get to help move you forward