EP 7: Product Manager: The best hire your could make

In episode 7 of the Persevere Podcast, Patty talks with Kevin Houlihan, President, and CEO of ImageMover, about the critical need for a product manager within your organization. 


Kevin is a dynamic, data-driven sales and product leader with a passion for building true partnerships, strong products, and memorable customer experiences. He has a proven track record in sales, engineering, and product management. He can move from strategy to execution while creating alignment between stakeholders from the C-Suite to the front line. 


Key takeaways from the podcast are: 

  • Product managers (PMs) need to work closely with leadership and the CEO, so key messages are shared throughout the entire organization. 
  • PMs need to explain the same message in different ways to improve communication across the organization. 
  • PMs need to connect with all stakeholders and personality types. 
  • When hiring a PM consider the following: 

             - Someone comfortable with the sales process and engineering

              - Someone who can understand the product better than anyone

              - Someone who is a good listener

              - Someone who is not afraid to interact with customers

              - Someone who continually asks questions to get a better understanding

  • Why is it important to hire a PM? 

              - Time optimization - to make sure the track you lay down is the right track to be on and you can make progress collaboratively. 


Take a listen and get inspired to hire a product manager to take your company to the next level! 

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