EP29 Stop Suffering Through the Hot Flash

Did you know that the opal stone is symbolic of health, healing and resiliency? That’s how Tammy Lee, founder of Opal Cool and Onyx Cool, named her health and wellness brands that use plant-based cooling technology for a variety of ailments. Opal Cool focuses on women’s issues in every stage of their life, from breastfeeding to menopause.

Tammy is speaking with Patty Post of Checkable Health about Opal Cool’s products, as well as Onyx Cool’s line of injury repair and recovery products. Both brands make products that are backed by clinical studies to heal sports injuries, soothe breast pain, and relieve pain from hot flashes and reduce their frequency.

Hot flashes are synonym with menopause but there are many of things that can cause them, such as MS (multiple sclerosis) or chemotherapy. These products are also proven to be effective for women or anyone with depleting hormones. Unlike other cooling therapy brands, these “wearable therapies” don’t need to be placed in the freezer, are safe to apply directly to the skin, and maintain a cool temperature for a longer period of time than ice.

Tammy is hoping to help women and men with her women-owned company, so tune in to learn more about how these products work and what she’s doing to give back!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Tammy explains what Onyx Cool and Opal Cool are and how they help
  • Opal Cool’s latest women’s healthcare product, Gal Pals
  • How these products work without going in the freezer
  • Clinical studies that back their claims
  • Marketing Opal Cool products to women
  • Women’s health products in the workplace
  • Where you can buy Onyx and Opal products
  • Success for post-op surgery patients
  • Future ventures for Onyx Cool and Opal Cool

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