EP45 Helping Women Navigate Through Entrepreneurship


Financial independence opens up possibilities for our future, giving us the means to invest in our goals. Money equals options, and whether that means putting it towards another business venture, donating it to charity, or spending it on a great pair of shoes, women especially need this freedom to take control of their lives.


During this episode of Persevere Podcast, host Patty Post of Checkable Health talks to another impressive female founder, Leslie Kuster. Leslie is the CEO of Back from Bali, a women’s clothing brand that is thriving in the competitive arena of e-commerce.


Leslie shares that first spark of an idea that started her entrepreneurial journey and how she expanded Back from Bali to become a multiple seven-figure businesses. Get a notepad ready because she has a ton of tips for scaling your business, making to-do lists, and investing in personal growth.


It’s Leslie’s self-belief and adherence to her core values that has helped her succeed, and she uses her experience to guide women through their own journey. Tune in and let her inspire you, too!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Leslie’s path to entrepreneurship
  • Founding and growing her first apparel business
  • Back from Bali and breaking into e-commerce
  • Inspiration for her book
  • The decision to end one business in aid of the other
  • Leslie’s business philosophy and personal values
  • How to successfully take notes and write to-do lists
  • Why women need financial independence
  • Learning from our money stories


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