EP46 Successfully Running a Large Family Business

Starting your own business is a great option for building wealth, but becoming so successful that you can create a foundation for generational wealth is the dream.


Ryan Margolin, CEO of Professional Hair Labs, joins host Patty Post of Checkable Health to discuss the ups and downs of running a large family business. He shares what inspired his father to found the company in 1994 and their venture into manufacturing.

With a background in marketing and sales, Ryan helped revitalize Professional Hair Labs after a stagnant 15 years, putting the focus on branding and using a customer-first motto. He details his steps, the challenges they encountered on their journey, and how he dealt with the rise of counterfeit products.

Ryan also shares awesome tips for finding the perfect work/life balance and lessons he's learned through the company's growth.Tune in to learn how Ryan and his family have persevered over four decades!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Founding and growing Professional Hair Labs
  • Combating counterfeit products
  • Operating a successful family business
  • How to deal with the stress of work
  • Getting the most out of networking events in a short amount of time
  • Ryan’s TED Talk experience
  • The influence of your circle
  • A new focus on personal branding
  • Taking on their own manufacturing
  • Ryan’s tips for entrepreneurs



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