EP26 Persevere with Patty: The Time I Finished a Marathon in a Mustard Costume



If you are looking to jump start your life and persevere to beat the odds, this four part series is for you. Hear from Checkable Medical founder and CEO, Patty Post, as she shares personal experiences she's had navigating adversity. In this series you'll learn how facing self doubts and finding your inner strength allows you to take on any challenge. 

Patty Post is the founder and CEO of Checkable Medical. On episode 1 of a four part series, she shares personal experiences where she faced challenges where she reached a point and had to make the choice to get through it, no matter what, and reach her goal.

On this episode she shares her experience running a marathon in a mustard costume. Whether it be rain or shine or any other obstacles you face, learn how if you kept you head in the game and keep your goal in mind, you, too, will persevere.