Our Founder’s Story

As a parent and a patient, Patty Post founded Checkable Medical to help families like hers save time and reduce the cost of care through innovative at-home testing kits. With 3 kids constantly cycling through strep throat Patty was taking hours of time off of work to get her family tested in order to receive treatment. From time in the car to waiting rooms to delayed appointments, giving up 4 hours for a negative test result was exhausting. After visiting the minute clinic for the millionth time Patty wondered why there was a simpler solution?

That’s why she created Checkable Medical, to help people make clinical, evidence-based decisions from the comfort of home. With accurate results, easy-to-administer tests, and an app connecting you to telemedicine and prescription providers, you can now test, diagnose, and get prescribed in a matter of minutes, not hours.

About us

At Checkable Medical we know you are smart about your health. In order to feel confident , you need the information and tools to diagnose and treat common health issues. The problem we all face in healthcare is you have to make a doctor's appointment for common ailments just to get a diagnosis and treatment plan. How frustrating and time consuming!

What if you were able to hold your healthcare in the palm of your hand?

Through At home tests, wellness products, and expert information, we believe you should be able to take care of your health from the comfort of home. We understand the lack of options in healthcare which is why we want to empower you with products anyone can use.

Heres how we do it:
1. Save you time by keeping you out of the doctor’s office
2. Provide diagnostics and wellness tools
3. Gain confidence through expert advice

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