EP33 Creating a Lifestyle Brand For Hearing Aids


What is holding your customer back from adopting your technology? What is the psychological understanding around your product and what your product offers that would benefit your customers?

These are questions our guest on today’s episode had to tackle when she took on the hearing loss space and presented a product in a market that is incredibly important, yet incredibly underserved.

Nicole Cadaret is co-founder and head of design at Lively. Lively is a hearing aid technology company based in New York and is paving the way in changing people’s perceptions around hearing loss in order to promote adoption of their cutting edge hearing aid technology.

Of the people who would benefit from hearing aids, only 20% receive them. This is why Nicole is so passionate about Lively in that she believes that if marketed correctly, more people would adopt hearing aids which would drastically improve their lives.

She has put a ton of time and effort into researching the psychology behind why people aren’t choosing hearing aids and has created her brand around that while putting customer service and ease at the top of her priority list.

Tune in to hear a story of how passion can be leveraged to not only build a successful brand, but to help make people’s lives better!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • When Nicole added members to the team after launching 
  • How Nicole did things differently when doing psychological research to market
  • What Nicole learned about people’s perception of hearing loss and hearing aids
  • How does brand play a role at Lively?
  • How early should someone start researching and testing in a product life cycle?
  • Importance of consistency of user experience from start to finish
  • Nicole’s relationships with her former colleagues

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