EP38 Take Back Your Power as a Woman with the CEO of Opal Cool, Tammy Lee

Starting it in business is no easy feat—especially for women, who face a variety of challenges that their male counterparts don’t. Despite this, women founders have made massive strides, and the support of fellow female entrepreneurs is a great way to boost that growth even further.


Today, you’ll hear from Tammy Lee, who is the Founder and CEO of Xena Therapies, a US-based med-tech company that manufactures two brands of wearable cool therapy products: Opal and Onyx Cool, each featuring the company’s signature plant-based cooling technology.


Our conversation with Tammy traces her career trajectory and includes her perspective on fundraising and collaborative marketing. We also touch on the value of curiosity, why women’s health and related products are so often overlooked, and what Tammy has learned from her biggest missteps as a founder.


Tammy is passionate about helping women live their best lives, which is why she founded this company and why she encourages other women to take back their power, think bigger, and persevere as entrepreneurs.


Tune in today to learn more about the strength that other women entrepreneurs have to help lift you and your business up from rockstar CEO, Tammy Lee!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • How Tammy found herself in the wearable therapies category
  • Insight into starting a new manufacturing plant from scratch
  • The innate curiosity that many entrepreneurs have in common
  • Determining whether your product is a good fit for QVC
  • Making it or breaking it on Amazon
  • Planning for a successful Q4 shopping season
  • How to use gift guides to boost holiday sales
  • Benefits of working together to promote women’s health products
  • Fundraising tips from a serial CEO
  • Reflecting on why women’s health is so underfunded
  • Increasing awareness via word of mouth
  • A lesson in how to stop, reset, and try again


Learn more about Opal Cool and Onyx Cool, and connect with Tammy on LinkedIn.


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