EP44 Making Your Business Personal With The Founder of Mint Brand Marketing


Running a business is no small feat, especially when you’re doing it all alone. Once employees are brought in, the hard work doesn’t end and there’s inevitably new challenges to face and overcome if you want to scale your business.


Speaking with Patty Post of Checkable Health on this episode of The Persevere Podcast is Amanda Shilling, the founder of Mint Brand Marketing. She ran her business alone for years before investing in her small team, allowing the business to reach new markets and expand its services.


Amanda achieved this growth by hiring the right people and finding the right partners, just a couple of the decisions she made by trusting her gut — or as she says, “women’s intuition.” Today, she also shares her thoughts on brand storytelling, the rise of AI in marketing, and the most underrated social platform.


Mint Brand Marketing has thrived on a foundation of core values, and it shows in its workplace culture and ability to succeed in multiple industries. Tune in to learn how Amanda was able to bring her personal authenticity into her business!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Growing Mint Brand Marketing
  • What clients Mint Brand Marketing works with
  • The importance of storytelling and authenticity
  • Brand management and Google reviews
  • Staying authentic on LinkedIn
  • How she’s persevere in motherhood and career


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